The ARG Real Life Events (Encounters) have resulted in the transfer of physical objects to players. Here is a list of these objects.

Floppy Disks Containing Bug Porn

UC Berkeley event

Mario Amiibo

The Mario Amiibo was won in a game of chess in the Museum of Jurassic Technology event. Obtaining it led to the uncovering of three propaganda posters.

Reposted a day later at:

Stay safe
Stay alert

Luigi Amiibo

The Luigi Amiibo was obtained at Indiecade 2015. Obtaining it led to the Gustav email account.

Business Card

Justin handed out a business card a GDC2016. It contained text about the Original Six. The business card was obtained by Liz England, an unrelated* game developer who tweeted about the card and sent an image of the back for us.

*Or is she...?**

**On the 5th November, 2016, Liz England tweeted that she was reading up on the Frog Fractions 2 ARG, referencing this wiki entry. It is unclear if this makes her involvement more or less likely.


Rachel made 4 variations of stickers for GDC2016. The stickers were later posted to the Frog Fractions Facebook page.


Bag of Healing Crystals/Quartz/Sparkles

Details for pickup were sent to the Gustav email account. Delivered to an Amazon locker in El Ceritto Plaza, San Francisco, California.  

It is suspected that they are this product on Amazon.  

Red Pages Podcast Patreon Items

Several users who have chosen to support the Red Pages Podcast on Patreon have received items in the mail; 

  • Several postcards have been received. The each have a fraction on them, with the message 'Help, I'm a bug'. 
  • In August 2016 a contributor receives a note in the mail, with some eyes on the front, and the message "The eyes have you" on the back. "theeyeshaveyou" is found to be Number Six's password, in the terminal under his login on