***For the full background, refer to the Museum of Jurassic Technology meet.

In early February, clues to a meet were found in Train Hot Dog and Red Pages podcasts. Confirmation was finally sent to the Gustav email account. On the 18th of February 2016, ARGers Lvl99onionknight and arthurdent11389 arrived at the meet and were challenged to a game of Chess by Justin Bortnick. Their trophy for winning: A Mario Amiibo. Upon accessing the Amiibo, they found a link to a imgur album containing three propaganda style posters.

The next day, Frog Fractions 2 artist Rachel Sala posted the same images on her Tumblr.

The Posters

The posters look like the images over there ------------>


***Note: It has not been confirmed whether any of this data relates to the ARG, or is important in any way. But it might be.

The images in the original Imgur link did not contain any addition data, however, the re-posts on Tumblr contained additional file information.This can be viewed when opened in Notepad.

The most notable is what appears to be Photoshop file names; cyborgDirt, distressedSparkles and oldTree, with one each on the related poster.

The posters also have an unusual creation date; the 22nd of January 2010, at 4:24:01pm, in the -6:00 timezone. This displays in Notepad as 2010-01-22T16:24:01-06:00.

Stay alert