This event occurred on January 20th, 2016 and resulted in a bag of quartz.


Following finally getting the information off the Luigi amiibo received during Indiecade, an email arrived to the gustav email from the samuel email. Below are the series of emails sent to the gustav account from Samuel:

Hey Buddy
You should be getting notification of a delivery of goods pretty soon. Central hopes to have it out within a week. Let me know if anything goes wrong.

Stay frosty,

PS: Tell Dwayne he still owes me a rematch on the court and that this time I'm bringing a ref to make sure he doesn't commit any personal fouls.
Hey chum,
Here's your requisition order information. Hope you can put this to better use than the folks in the labs have been. Some weird stuff going on, but anything's worth it for the cause. We'll send you an update when the order ships out.


Arriving: Wednesday, January 20
Ship to: Amazon Locker - Cerrito, El Cerrito Plaza

Good luck out there,
Dear chum,
You should have your locker code soon. Wait for the code. You have a three day window.

Stay frosty,
Unfiction user Mister volunteered for pickup.


According to user Mister, he obtained the package easily on January 20th, 2016 in the afternoon and went home. He uploaded an imgur album of the contents.



"One Pound Quartz Rock Crystal Healing" addressed to James A Crawford. This is considered an unsolved clue trail.