Many clues have come from Twitter accounts belonging to game devs, and from accounts that were created for the ARG. Some accounts may or may not be related to the ARG and there's no way to tell yet.

Dev Twitter accounts

Jim Crawford: @mogwai_poet

Justin Bortnick: @LordHuffnPuff

Rachel Sala: @rachel_salad

Ryan Ike: @RyanIkeComposer

Accounts created for the ARG

obeardy gnarlson: @obeardy

Michelle Obama: @flotus44

Ashby Brewery: @AshbyBrewery


-On August 13 2016 the account was temporarily reclaimed by Pontiff Zagmar, who seems to be an enemy of the resistance that had kidnapped and imprisoned Jim Crawford. Crawford joined Zagmar's cause in exchange for freedom. The Resistance took back the account on August 15, saying that the intruders had been contained in sublevel C. See twitter profile for more details. Zagmar was previously mentioned in the Joshua/Giraffe document library.

Accounts that may or may not be part of the ARG

Is The Jig Up Yet? : @IsTheJigUpYet